LignoTUBE: Growth through crowdfunding

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  • am 19. October 2016

At LignoTUBE technologies we have already achieved a lot. In addition to the establishment of a completely new semi-finished product, we are the only manufacturer of wood tubes up to six meters in length. We do not want to rest here – so that we can get even better and open up further markets, we are starting a crowdfunding campaign soon.


When six meter long wooden tubes change the world.

LignoTUBEs made of veneer are light, noble and stable. These tubes, which can be up to six meters in length, can replace conventional materials for interior construction. At the beginning of May the Dresden-based company LignoTUBE technologies started production.


LignoTUBE – Innovative veneer composite tube for lightweight construction

All along wood is the classical construction material. Whether in design, in architecture or in the building sector – wood is simply indispensable. The potential of this natural material is by no means exhausted, because it is the best lightweight material available. In combination with today’s technical possibilities, new solutions can be found for the challenges of tomorrow. One of them: LignoTUBE, the innovative lightweight construction tubes made from real wood veneer.