LignoTUBEs consists in the construction of several layers of wood veneer, which are joined to a ply composite by a special process. Thereby all layers are glued crosswise, so you resemble a fine plywood under construction. Corresponding to the number and thickness of the individual layers a defined wall thickness is produced. In addition, the fiber orientation can be set at an angle, as with other composites too. According to the requirements of the application area the dimensions and the number of layers can be customized. This ensures the best possible quality and maximum stability under stress.

material construction LignoTUBE


LignoTUBEs are available in different sizes and length measurements . As a fixed size , the length is offered with 6 m, while the wall thickness can be configured from 1,5 to 10 mm. The inner diameter can be selected in increments of 5 mm from 20 mm to 100 mm.

LignoTUBE dimensions

Kind of wood

LignoTUBEs can be produced from different types of wood. Whether native veneer or dyed or specially made design-veneers – almost all veneers available on the market can be processed. Thereby wood from the European region and North America are mainly used. By using the layer builtup in particular the cover layer can be configure individually. Advantage: The use of precious wood is drastically reduced, since the load bearing part of the tube can be constructed with standard veneer (for example based on ash).

Illustration of examples of possible veneer types.

Illustration of examples of possible veneer types


LignoTUBE can be processed in many different ways. Therefore almost all traditional wood processing tools can be used. In addition all normal wood work processes such as sawing, grinding, drilling and varnishing are possible.

LignoTUBE processing

Application fields

LignoTUBEs can be used in many different ways, for example in the construction and design oriented field. This reflects on the extraordinary resilience and the exclusive and spiral design of the tubes. Sample applications include table legs or poles for shelving systems, as well as light weight elements for sporting and other equipment – there are no limits on creativity.

lignotube applications

Where to buy?

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Private customers can buy LignoTUBEs through our Amazon store. We offer different dimensions as well as types of wood. The range will be constantly expanded.

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