LignoTUBE: Growth through crowdfunding

  • geschrieben in general ·
  • am 19. October 2016

At LignoTUBE technologies we have already achieved a lot. In addition to the establishment of a completely new semi-finished product, we are the only manufacturer of wood tubes up to six meters in length. We do not want to rest here – so that we can get even better and open up further markets, we are starting a crowdfunding campaign soon.

Crowdfunding generally refers to the financing of projects by a large number of sponsors, the so-called “Crowd”. This is about small participations, with which each interested person can contribute themselves to the planned project. The goal is the rapid and uncomplicated implementation of the ideas together with the supporters.

We would like to use this kind of support to make LignoTUBEs even more popular and to open up additional markets. In addition to setting up a sales network, this also includes the continuation of the development of own products. We are currently in the preparations – the campaign is scheduled to start this year.

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