We are a young company from Dresden, which specializes in the manufacture of innovative natural-based semi-finished products. By means of a new manufacturing technology, we produce tubes made of real wood veneer, which are lightweight and extremely durable.

We: these are graduate industrial designer Robert Taranczewski and Curt Beck, graduate engineer for process engineering with a focus on wood technology. Together we went on a quest to get an efficient and practical solution for the challenge of lightweight construction using natural materials. Closely linked to the natural material wood, the conclusion was to use these in its noblest form: as a veneer. In the result the idea of the veneer composite tube LignoTUBE was born. From this promising thoughts, in many years of research we developed an own technology for the production of such natural-based lightweight tubes.

Sustainability and ecology have a high priority for us. Therefore, with our innovative veneer composite tubes we are using the approach to spare natural resources through material efficiency and lightweight construction. Our goal: a new ecological material class.

Additional processing.

About the manufacture of customized LignoTUBEs , we offer our customers additional processing options. These includes the individual cutting to other dimensions, milling (pockets, holes, flanges), the subsequent labeling by different techniques (laser, branding, pad-/screen-printing) and the coating with the desired surface effect (oil/wax, paint).

processing service examples: cutting, labeling, coating

processing service examples: cutting, labeling, coating